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Simple Tips for Writing Persuasive Web Content

08 Jul 17
Dan Raymond
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Web content writing is a tedious task. You have to always consider your readers when writing content. Is your content going to be relevant to them? Is your content’s topic timely and much-needed by your readers?

Here are some tips that can help you to write a perfect web content:

Write a relevant content

One of the main reasons why users are browsing on the internet is because they are in need of certain information and you as an internet writer should satisfy their hunger.

Like a hungry lion, your readers are looking for information and when they find your site confusing and full of nonsense contents, they will jump right off the next website/page.

Put your important information at the top of your list.

Writing website content is different from writing an essay. Quit beating around the bush. Get to the point and expound your content.

Here is a sample content from Fuelled – the business loans site:

Use familiar words

Don’t try to overdone your writing style. Be simple. Don’t use too many jargons in your content. Try to be relatable as much as possible.

Another great sample from Fuelled – business funding in NZ site:


Write short content

Write for lazy readers. Internet browsing is different from reading a novel. As much as possible break your insights into bullet points. Remember: less is more.

Below is another screenshot from Fuelled – a finance company in NZ site: